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Tarot @ Work

Carrie lens cappadocia-cropI’m a Fortune 50 Management Consultant with a different lens on problem-solving — in addition to structured change management + process re-engineering methodologies, I draw upon the ancient wisdom of Tarot.

Kooky? Not really.
Tarot brings breathtaking clarity to complicated challenges.
And interesting times call for interesting tools.

As a Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) + PROSCI-certified Change Manager, I know what it takes to make difficult business choices — choices that impact your company’s bottom line, your public image, and the lives of your team members.

As a Tarot card reader, I know that every problem has an infinite number of solutions — and that working with cards cracks open new possibilities, hidden insights, and ultimately, the most successful + humane course of action, for everyone involved.

I’ve worked with hundreds of executive leaders, rising corporate stars + entrepreneurs across multiple industries — from technology, retail, government, healthcare to banking, and beyond. I’ve witnessed what can happen, when Tarot gets thrown into the decision-making mix. And the results are profoundly impressive.

Tarot is more than a party trick or a whimsical forecasting game. It’s an ancient facilitation tool, with a myriad of applications. With the right approach, Tarot can be used as…

  • A powerful decision-making tool that can illuminate ideal opportunities + clarify the strongest course of action.
  • A quarterly inventory + landscaping exercise, helping to contextualize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities + threats facing your project, company or situation.
  • A universal communication framework — a space to talk about struggles + problems through creative, intuitive patterns.
  • An elegant reminder of natural cycles — and how seasonal, social + evolutionary rhythms can mirror + amplify our natural business cycles.
  • An exercise in personal empowerment. When we recognize that nothing is predetermined, we can put our chosen legacies into motion.

Intrigued? Inspired?

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