Thursday, August 10, 2017

Learning Tarot: Major Arcana Keywords

The Tarot Deck is split into 2 parts: 

Each Tarot deck consists of 78 cards and broken out into the following sections:

1. Major Arcana - 22 Archetypes of Human Evolution
2. Minor Arcana - 56 experiences of human day to day life

In order to learn the cards, it helps to understand their key meanings. See below.

The Fool (0) depicts innocence, new beginnings, joy, fearlessness, and spontaneity.

The Magician (1) generally represents confidence, individuality, willpower, new beginnings, and inner potential.

The High Priestess (2) is associated with intuitiveness, understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, and the divine feminine.

The Empress (3) is associated with fertility, birth, motherhood, harmony, nature, prosperity, joy, love, and artistic ambition.

The Emperor (4) represents paternity and strong leadership and should be positively associated with achievement, authority, protection, support, trustworthiness, discipline, provider, consolidation, reason, and willpower.

The Hierophant (5) provides wise counsel, spiritual consolation, knowledge, identification, faith, conformity, and traditions.

The Lovers (6) indicate desire, new lover, relationships, physical attraction, love, and commitment.

The Chariot (7) indicates triumph, movement, change, self-belief, assertiveness, and good news.

Strength (8) depicts strength, willpower, compassion, patience, courage, triumph, and fortitude.

The Hermit (9) represents introspection, solitude, guidance, advice, and patience.

The Wheel of Fortune (10) represents destiny, movement, vision, good luck, new cycle, and synchronicity.

Justice (11) is associated with justice, truth, integrity, balance, arbitration, responsibility, and fairness.

The Hanged Man (12) means transition, flexibility, rebirth, deliverance, and release.

Death (13) represents the absolute, both the end and the beginning and may be associated with endings, transformation, clearance, and sweeping change.

Temperance (14) can represent harmony, health, moderation, compromise, peace, and self-control.

The Devil (15) may represent permanence and commitment in a reading.

The Tower (16) may mean re-evaluation, necessary change, and a blessing in disguise.

The Star (17) is associated with hope, generosity, serenity, wishes coming true, good health, and spiritual awareness.

The Moon (18) is associated with imagination, unexpected possibilities, and illumination.

The Sun (19) indicates happiness, greatness, enlightenment, vitality, good health, love, and fulfillment.

Judgement (20) is associated with rebirth, rejoicing, absolution, new potential, and rewards for past efforts.

The World (21) indicates fulfillment, completion, satisfaction, joy, wholeness, and success.

Learn More

A couple of my favorite books and resources on learning Tarot card meanings and layouts. 

  1. Rachel Pollock: 78 Degrees of Wisdom
  2. Tracy Porter: Tarot Companion: An Essential Reference Guide
  3. RuthAnn and Wald Amberstone: Tarot School (I am in the Degree Program)
  4. Angeles Arrien: Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols