About Carrie

I am driven by the compulsive (and highly-productive) desire to make things better.

Cappadocia, Turkiye
I thrive on organizing chaos — and over the past 20 years, I’ve discovered that when we examine complicated business challenges through a fresh lens — through the ancient art of Astrology and Tarot — solutions materialize, confusion dissipates, and exquisite possibilities rise into view.

As a Fortune 50 management consultant, I hold certifications in several problem-solving and systemic reorganization methodologies. Which is a loaded way of saying:
I help corporate leaders carry out dramatic, complicated changes — with minimal after-burn.
I’m a PROSCI-certified Change Manager, a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and I’ve got several other information technology frameworks tucked in my back pocket. I’ve worked at every level of the corporate chain of command — from admin to business analyst to executive-level consultant helping run multi-billion dollar systems.
All along the way, I’ve strengthened my own career — and my understanding of how systems, cultures and organizations work — through the guidance of Astrology and Tarot.
Both Astrology and Tarot are frameworks. Astrology provides "width" and help illuminate trends, while Tarot can drill into the "depth" of situations. It is both art and science. These creative tools open up imagery that triggers creative thought — stimulating our brains in new ways, and breaking us out of rote patterns. It gives us fresh perspectives, new stories and clear insights.
Put simply: with Astrology and Tarot, we become masterful decision-makers. And masterful decisions change the course of history.
We’re living in a time of immense tension and uncertainty. Truths are crumbling, traditions are being torn apart. There’s an opportunity to grow and transform — to regain equilibrium, and to reclaim our humanity.
And after all — interesting times call for interesting tools.
With the right approach, Astrology and Tarot can be used as . . .

 :: Powerful decision-making tools that can illuminate ideal opportunities and clarify the strongest course of action.

 :: A quarterly inventory and landscaping exercise, helping to contextualize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities + threats facing you,  your project, company or situation.

 :: A universal communication framework — a space to talk about struggles and problems through creative, intuitive patterns.

 :: An elegant reminder of natural cycles — and how seasonal, social and evolutionary rhythms can mirror and amplify our natural business cycles.

Let’s allow the past to fall away, as we welcome a new era of understanding.

And together, we’ll take a look at the road ahead.