Life Reading: Soul-Level Information

Life Reading

22 card Life Reading
This is a 22 card Tarot reading, focusing on a multi-dimensional view of our life and purpose. It is a deep reading, which can soak for days, weeks, months and years.

Each reading is 90 minutes long, and includes a Birth Chart (if you don't have a Birth Chart already, please go here to have one created and emailed to you for free). At the conclusion of the session, you will be provided a .mp3 audio file and photo of the cards. I find many clients listen to this reading again later in life, and discover new information/insights each time.

This reading is very complex and analyses our Life Purpose from a Soul Level.
90 Minutes - $200

Topics Covered Include:

  1. Choices asked to make along Life’s Path.
  2. Tools given to help us accomplish tasks agreed to before being born. 
  3. Inner knowledge within us to solve problems in this life.
  4. Symbolizes the feminine within us. Matriarchal role models we encounter. 
  5. Symbolizes the masculine within us/patriarchal role models we encounter.
  6. Philosophical outlook on life & mentors we will encounter. 
  7. Indicates areas where likely to find the greatest enjoyments.
  8. Areas in your life where we need to steadily persist - even in the most trying of circumstances because success will eventually come through effort & dedication. 
  9. Area in life where we need to exercise discipline & strength to more fully develop our sense of self. 
  10. Area in life where need to search within ourselves to find solutions to dilemmas we encounter. 
  11. Area in life destined or fated. Events transpire to bring about inevitabilities we agreed to encounter long before incarnating into this life.
  12. Area where we need to seek balance & harmony. Serves to warn us of any issues - which may require balance. 
  13. Area asked to make a sacrifice. Bringing much wisdom & greater level of understanding which we would have not otherwise obtained.
  14. Area where you must experience a radical transformation - which will ultimately bring about much needed growth - after the dust has settled.
  15. Area where we need to practice moderation.
  16. Area where we seem to be bound to experience a deep sense of obligation that we would rathe be free of. Detrimental to our spiritual growth. 
  17. Area where we need to be uprooted & make a clean break because we have become complacent. While these upheavals are often unsettling, they will bring about much needed growth. 
  18. Indicates areas where we are quite knowledgeable & can pass our experience onto others (wish card). Enables sense of our dreams to come true. 
  19. Area in our lives where we have been unrealistic & cannot see the situation clearly. 
  20. Area in life that will bring us much joy & happiness 
  21. Reveals karma brought over from past lives that we agreed to work on in this life to enable us to clear any debts & replenish our souls. 
  22. Reveals tasks we have incarnated in this life to complete. We have a free hand in selecting circumstances that will give us the most growth & allow us to complete our Earth purpose.